DrySee Waterproof Bandages Keeps You Living Your Life

The Bandage of the future

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Wounds can be annoying. They need just the right environment to heal properly and efficiently. DrySee has raised the bar with their waterproof bandage. It features the innovative design of a liquid indicator around the perimeter of and in the center of the bandage. Whether you’re a medical professional or a parent of kids, this bandage is for you. Their bandages come in three sizes to fit the size of your wound perfectly whether that be stitches from surgery or cuts when your kids fall and get hurt.

With DrySee bandage you get a liquid indicator around the perimeter of and in the center of the bandage to let you know if any water has penetrated the seal. When you first apply the bandage the liquid indicator is a white-ish color and if any water penetrates the seal of the bandage the outside perimeter will turn a dark blue color. This lets you know that you need to change it before the water gets to the wound. If water does happen to make it to the wound site, the center liquid indicator will also turn dark blue. This design allows you to change your bandage in a timely fashion to help keep your wound healing the way it should.

DrySee’s waterproof bandage offers three different convenient sizes so that you can pick the one that complements your needs. They offer a 2 x 2 size, a 4 x 4 size, and a 5 x 10 size. So whether you need to bandage a minor cut or large wound they have a size that fits your care needs. Their bandages are breathable and latex-free. They have also been designed to minimize irritation on the skin so even those with more fragile skin can still use them.

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

It’s time to start having confidence in your bandages again so that you can get back to living your life the way that you want. Don’t be limited by your wounds or your bandages. Get the waterproof bandage that does the most and helps your healing process become a little easier. See the difference that DrySee can do for you!




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